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Certificates and HEAR recognition

The Sports Volunteer Scheme (SVS) is an accredited programme on the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record).

This means that you will receive a level of credit on your academic transcript dependent on how many verified hours you complete, for each year that you participate in the scheme.

Certificates for your achievements are produced annually by the Sport office and are based on hours defined through the SVS table.


Number of Completed SVS Hours

Achievement 10+
Bronze 25+
Silver 50+
Gold 75+
Platinum 150+

The Stellify Award

The Stellify Award is an initiative delivered by the University to help ‘Stellify’ students and create unique Manchester graduates.

The Stellify Award is for undergraduate students and runs across the length of your degree programme. Roles within sport can help you to achieve 2 of the 3 elements of the Stellify Award, either:

  • Making a difference; by completing 40+ hours of community facing volunteering across any UoM opportunity, which can be supported by your Sport community volunteering.
  • Step up and Lead; by completing 2 leadership roles, of which a UoM Sport leader role will count towards one of these, assuming you are activated on the SVS, attended the essential training for your role and completed at least 25+ hours of verified activity within the year.

Each element of the Stellify Award will also get a different HEAR recognition stamp in addition to any SVS acknowledgement on your transcript.

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