Join UoM Sport for 25 days of advent! Each day we will be sharing some fun fitness challenges, quiz questions and more…

Free Classes Today:

14:00 – 14:30

Abs, Bums & Back Blast with Gail


Question of the day:

How old was Diego Maradona when he made his debut for Argentina?

Answer at the bottom of the page. 

Daily Challenge

Join Matt for a fitness challenge each day of advent!

This challenge targets both lower and upper body and aims to improve whole body strength. Perform 5 press ups, followed by 5 squats and 5 squat thrusters as fast as you can!!



Trivia of the day:

Manchester was the first city in the world to commemorate its LGBT history by asking a local artist to set rainbow tiles into flagstones across the city.

Question of the day answer: 16

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