Quarantine Guide

Quarantine plan to support health and wellbeing! 

Ensure your health and wellbeing is a priority as you quarantine. 

10 Days in quarantine will seem like a long time but with the help from UoM Sport we want to ensure those 10 days are used to support your health and wellbeing. 

Our quarantine plan and resources provide a range of useful hints and times to support your mental and physical health as you go through your quarantine period. 

See below links to work outs you can do at home:

Take part in online live fitness classes in the comfort of wherever you are! With little to know equipment needed, join these free classes and interact virtually with others whilst keeping active during your quarantine period. 

Motivational tips to stay Active during Quarantine

To keep you and the family motivated and active during lockdown here are a few fundamentals.

  • Have a weekday routine– set your alarm clock and rise and shine – a few get out of bed stretches to get you going
  • Breakfast to give you energy for the day ahead
  • Try a cold shower as this is invigorating and has been known to improve circulation check out here
  • Clean your teeth whilst balancing on one foot – 1 minute each side, – posture check stand tall eyes focus straight ahead, slightly pull your tummy muscles in( keep breathing) and shoulders back.
  • Some people  are morning exercisers , some are evening exercisers some don’t do any exercise, but whatever time you do or don’t do it, set aside 30 minutes of activity every day, it could be 1 minute of chair movement  or a 30 minute online class
  • Working at a desk try and sit for no more than 45-1hr – move away from your desk and do 1 minute of standing stuff, this could be looking out of the window or have a singalong to your favourite tune or doing some exercises.
  • Remember to  keep hydrated throughout the day
  • Fitness apps are really motivating tools to set your daily goals.
  • Have some evening quality time and unwind ready for a good night sleep, here are some recommendations 
  • Another useful link to keep you fit and active

For any advice and guidance please contact the UoM Sport team: Sport@manchester.ac.uk

When your quarantine period is over why not check out what sport and physical activity you can take part in across campus.

Take a look at our Sport and Activities page and find information including: 

  • Sessions for beginners (Sporticipate) 

  • Fitness classes

  • Walking / running routes 

  • Sport clubs to join 

  • Volunteering opportunities