Rainbow Laces Day is Wednesday 8th December and the theme is ‘Lace Up, Speak Up’.

Sport and physical activity can bring so many benefits to our lives – not just in terms of our wellbeing, but also in the ways they bring people together. People from all walks of life can gain a sense of belonging and community through shared passion. And LGBTQ+ people deserve to be a part of this.

Through Stonewalls Rainbow Laces campaign, visibility for LGBTQ+ people in sport and awareness around experiences has increased, but there is plenty of work still to do. To continue to support and show solidarity UoM sport is supporting ‘Lace Up, Speak Up’ promoting action and change. Today (Wednesday 8th December) Sport groups will be lacing up, showing there support and sharing stories throughout the day. We are also supporting BUCS Rainbow Laces, Lace Up, Speak Up activities and events.

For more information regarding the Stonewall organisation click here.