Summer Be Active

We have some great sessions running through the Summer including lots of activities to relax and de – stress.

Find out more and see our class schedule.

New classes for Summer.

Virtual classes are back on the schedule at the Armitage Centre with the state-of-the-art Wexer system, we will be running Yoga, full body workout sessions, Tone, relaxation and wellness and Pilates.

New Face-to-Face sessions are to Learn to Lift, HiiT Step and Spinning.

With over 50+ classes a week, there is something for everyone including relaxation, de-stress calming activities or de-stress full-on fitness sessions, and if you can’t see what you want just e-mail we are happy to help.

What is the cost and how can I join?

You can purchase a yearly membership, or you can pay as you go click below. Our current yearly membership is £100, or you can pay as you go from £3.50 to £8.00 depending on the duration of the session.