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Get involved in sport through our 42 student run sport clubs.


The University of Manchester offers 66 student-run sports clubs all of which are part of UoM Sport. The majority of our clubs compete in BUCSThe Christie Championships and several other local and national competitions. 

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Sport Club Committee

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Sport Clubs A to Z

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How do UoM Sports Clubs Work?

Sports clubs at University run differently than school sport, the drop down boxes below explain the key points you need to know.

How do I Join?
  • Find the club’s page on the “A to Z”
  • Contact the club either my email or through social media expressing interest, it’s a good idea to give them a brief background of your experience in the sport
  • The most popular sports host trials due to the high demand for places, but most are open to all and host a “Welcome Session” where you can try the sport out before committing
Committee & Coaches
  • All clubs are run by students for students, each year club’s hold and Annual General Meeting (AGM) where students elect their peers into leadership positions such as “Club Captain” & “Treasurer”
  • Committee members are offered support and training by The University of Manchester to enable them to fulfil their role and develop future employability skills. 
  • Every Student who joins a club must follow abide to the UoM Sport “Code of Conduct”
  • Clubs have highly experienced qualified coaches who attend training, match days and competitions.
  • Committee Members log their volunteer hours through our “Sports Volunteer Scheme” which contribute to the “Stellify Award”

There are different membership types depending on what level of commitment and competition you want to take part in. 

  • Team Manchester teams pay an affiliation fee of £200. This covers;

– Transport, entries & accommodation to competitions & Fixtures

– Discounted training facility hire

– Highly Experienced & Qualified Coaches

– Equipment

– Sports Facilities

– Playing Kit


  • Each club has it’s own ‘Play’ membership cost, these vary from club to club depending on the cost of the sport
Training & Competition
  • To be part of Team Manchester there is an expectation that you are committed to attending training on a regular basis
  • Training is on different times and days for different clubs, these will always fall outside of University teach time
  • For clubs that compete in BUCS Competitions their fixtures are either on Wednesday afternoons (Free from lectures) or Weekends
  • Depending what level each club plays at means travel for competition can range from 3 to 300 miles
  • For sports where we do not have facilities on site we have a number of partnerships with the best sports facilities in Manchester
  • Many students meet their best friends and future housemates being part of sports clubs
  • Sports clubs have a very active social side organising a range of events for members to attend
  • All clubs offer both drinking and non-drinking socials to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves
  • Every year UoM Sport hosts it’s prestigious “Sports Awards” event celebrating all the achievements over the past year

Download BUCS Play

To see fixtures, leagues and competition results for your club download BUCS Play

You must also download BUCS Play & create a profile to be eligible to compete in BUCS

Achievements and opportunities

XXI Club


The University of Manchester XXI Club was formed in 1932 and exists to promote sporting excellence at The University of Manchester.

The XXI Club has its origin in elite sport and this is reflected in the current membership. Our members include Olympians, World Champions and World Record Holders and those who have competed for their countries at sports including athletics, football, rugby, hockey, netball, swimming and waterpolo.

Our current President is Mark Palios, owner of Tranmere Rovers Football Club and a former Chief Executive of the Football Association.

We hold a celebration dinner each year in autumn where XXI Club members gather and where new elections are invited to be welcomed to the Club. Amongst our various objectives, we are committed to working with the Athletic Union and UoM Sport to raise funds and provide support for The University of Manchester Sports Excellence programmes. We also encourage our members to continue to participate in sport and to contribute to sport at the University after graduation.

New elections

Each year we select up to 21 of the highest performing athletes and 21 of the highest performing sports club officials to become members.  Those receiving full colours or triple stripe for service are eligible for election to the XXI Club.

Fresher’s medal

We offer the Athletic Union Clubs the opportunity to make an award to the highest performing Fresher in their Club.

  • One award can be made per Athletic Union Club

  • The XXI Club Freser’s medal for each club will be presented at the Athletic Union Awards Dinner in May

  • The recipients will be invited to attend the XXI Club Annual Dinner in autumn

  • You will be invited at the end of the year to nominate the Fresher of the Year for your club

Sports Awards

Our AU Awards will take place on 5th May 2022 to recognise the contributions and achievements of our students in how they perform and align to the values of the university.  The awards also celebrate the various successes of our clubs and give a chance to reflect on the past 12 months. If you would like to nominate for any award please contact your club committee or 

Club of the Year: Awarded to a Club which has excelled in all areas of operation, including performance, participation and workforce development. They have excelled at club management and contributed to significant development of their sport at Manchester.

Best incoming club of the year: Awarded to a Club that has joined UoM Sport this year in 21/22 and has excelled in areas of  operation, including performance, participation and workforce development. They have excelled at club management and contributed to significant development of their sport at Manchester.

Most Improved Club of the Year: Awarded to a club which has shown extraordinary improvement over the course of twelve months in performance, organisation, financial management and increased membership.

Coach of the Year: Awarded to the coach who has had a positive impact on the results, training sessions, motivation or membership of the team(s) for which he or she is responsible.

Student Coach of the Year: Awarded to the student coach who has had a positive impact on the results, training sessions, motivation or membership of the team(s) for which he or she is responsible.

Sportsperson of the Year: Awarded to the most outstanding individual club member from any club over the course of the season, looking at performance and overall contribution to their club and sport.

Social Responsibility Award: Awarded to the club who has invested tremendous amounts of resource into fundraising, charitable events, sustainability initiatives, and other social responsibility aims.

Athlete of the year: Awarded to a student who has produced an outstanding sporting performance or performances over the last year. This student will have brought great pride to our University through their sporting performance. They will be a role model to other members of their sport and the whole University, and their dedication to training and bettering themselves will be second to none.

Team of the Year: Awarded to a team which has excelled in all areas of operation, including competition, management, engagement, administration and contribution to the Athletic Union.

Club Committee Member of the Year: Awarded to a Club Official who has excelled in leading many aspects of club admin of an Athletic Union Club throughout the 2021/22 season.

Laski Cup: Awarded to Sport Exec member who has gone above and beyond their role in supporting the SSO and UoM Sport

UoM Sport Executive Committee

UoM Sport Executive members are selected from committee members of  Clubs. Individuals apply to the Sports Sabbatical Officer for one of the positions and are then required to present to the clubs at the AU forum in June where the successful candidates are voted in by their fellow club committee members. The roles are:

Events officer

BUCS/Competitions Representative

Marketing and Communications officer

Wellbeing Executive officer

Inclusion and Diversity Officer

Sustainability officer