Over the past nine months the University of Manchester Athletic Union sports clubs have showed an incredible amount of initiative by running various virtual fundraising campaigns for Charity. Social Responsibility is one of the Universities key strategic goals and time and time again over lockdown our clubs have showed they display all the values we hope to find in a University of Manchester graduate. Overall, 21 different clubs, approximately 700 students have raised a spectacular £33,754 for 18 different charities. You can see the table below for the full club by club breakdown of the fundraising efforts.

University of Manchester Sport Club Fundraising
Club  Amount Charity What they did
Rowing  £1,200.00 NHS Erg challenge
Rowing  £1,386.00 Mind Virtual Varsity Competition
Rowing  £1,359.00 Movember Movember
Women’s Hockey  £2,000.00 Mind Ran Virtual Purple Wave 10k
Women’s Hockey  £735.00 Student Minds Ran 1000k in September
Women’s Hockey  £600.00 FareShare                                        Running/Walking & Advent Calendar fitness
Men’s Rugby Union  £2,700.00 Manchester Royal infirmary Run/Cycled virtually to all 6 nations cities within 1 week
Men’s Rugby Union  £5,100.00 Movember Grew Tache
Canoe  £1,345.00 Manchester Central Foodbank Ran Virtual Purple Wave 10k
Men’s Hockey  £1,200.00 NHS Ran Virtual Purple Wave 10k
Men’s Hockey  £1,070.00 Impact Lebanon Virtually cycled distance to Beirut (4920km) over 10 days for those affected by the explosion
Cricket  £400.00 Mind Ran Virtual Purple Wave 10k
Tennis 320 Mind Run/cycle 2000km
Judo  £410.00 Barnabus Uchikomi Challenge
Fencing  £200.00 42nd Street Charity Run/Cycle 1000km
Korfball  £1,000.00 Mind Ran virtual Purple Wave 10k
Women’s + Men’s Football  £2,290.00 Show Racism The Red Card 60 members virtually ran from the UoM Sport pitched to all Premier league grounds
M Football  £169.00 Movember Movember
Basketball  £305.00 Streetgames UK 40 members ran/cycled 535km
Cycling  £765.00 Maggie’s Centre 20 Members cycled 10,000km in a month
Volleyball   £595.00 International Rescue Committee 50 Members run/cycled 1700km for refugees fleeing war
Men’s + Women’s Rugby League  £695.00 Local Business in Manchester 50 Members ran 10k
Rugby League  £2,680.00 Movember Movember
American Football  £1,800.00 Yemen Crisis 50 squat per day challenge, 12,350 total squats
American Football £500.00 Movember Movember
Men’s Water Polo  £1,750.00 Movember Walked/Ran 1581km + grew moustache, x2 ran a marathon
Karate  £300.00 Rewrite Cancer Virtual Purple Wave
Cricket  £1,200.00 CALM Ran 60k a day (Across the club) throughout November
Total: 21 Clubs  £34,074.00 18 Charities

A huge well done and Thank You to all of the clubs and each student who took part.