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FREE sport for all staff and students each week at The University of Manchester. The sessions are aimed at beginners so it doesn’t matter if you have played a sport before or not. All equipment will be provided; all you need is yourself, your registration ticket and comfortable clothing. Make sure you register using the link below, and give us a like on Facebook to find out about upcoming events.

If you live in Halls you can also access additional free sports through the Hall Sport programme, which is exclusively available for those living in Halls of Residence.


Each semester, the Sporticipate team create a timetable of weekly, drop-in sessions aimed at complete beginners. We have everything from Badminton and Softball, all the way through to Interval Training and Women's Fitness. At SPORT Manchester, we are committed to breaking down the barriers to sport and physical activity, so you’ll see that our activities are at all times of the day, require no commitment or pre-registration, and best of all, they’re all FREE. Please see below for the new timetable, which will run from 30th January - 2nd April.


Our ‘Learn-to’ events have a bit more of a structure than the timetabled sessions. These sessions may or may not incur a small fee, and when you sign up to our learn to programmes, you commit to the block of sessions, to give you a more structured introduction to whichever sport you enrol on. Please see below for some of the learn-to's for this semester


The final strand of Sporticipate is our one-off events, which are put on throughout the semester as a one-off opportunity. This semester's events are advertised below!

Staff Sport

All SPORTICIPATE sessions are open to staff, for a more details on specific staff sports provision visit the Staff Sport website or email


Are the weekly sessions free?

Yes. It is only the learn-to programmes and one-off events that may incur a small charge.

Do I need to bring equipment or specialised clothing?

No, all equipment is provided. However make sure you wear something comfortable that you can exercise in, and bring some water to keep hydrated!

Do I need to sign up for each session that I go to on the weekly timetable?

No, after you have signed up to the Sporticipate programme, there is no need for you to register for each specific session, just turn up and play!

Do I need to bring my student/staff card to each session?

No, however you will need to provide your student/staff ID at the session so you will need to bring your card if you don't know this off by heart. You will need to show your registration ticket to reception when you arrive at the Aquatics Centre if you want to go swimming. This can just be on your phone or you can print it off.

Are the sessions for beginners or advanced athletes?

The sessions are for complete beginners.

Can postgraduates go to staff only sessions?

Yes, staff-only sessions are open to all postgraduates as well as staff.


If you have any queries about SPORTICIPATE or want to know more about the programme then please contact, or like us on Facebook.

Your two Sporticipate Interns, Jess and Jenny

Jess and Jenny

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