Express Interval Training

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Interval Training. Working at your max effort for set amount of time (20 secs/30 secs) followed by short recovery. Music with cues is used to make this class fun and energetic. No equipment required, water is must though. Suitable for all levels (The teacher will always give adaptations and modifications for every move)


♥♥ – Medium – Suitable for people getting back to exercise and regular exercisers

Be Active

Our Be Active active programme offers sessions in our Wellbeing Rooms and are delivered in 8 week blocks.  The sessions take place throughout the year but we generally offer more sessions during the term time period when more people are on campus.

Each session is rated based on the level of intensity in the class so you can choose what is right for you.

Armitage Classes

Our classes at the Armitage Centre take place in our fitness spaces including our purpose made class studio.  Our classes take place all year round and are free to members or you can pay as you go.

Fitness classes are generally led by an instructor however we also offer virtual classes in our studio so if we don’t have a class just at the right time for you, you can still come in and enjoy a workout with all the help and motivation provided by our state of the art Wexer system.

Active Anywhere

We encourage everyone to get #ActiveAnywhere and offer a lot of support for you to be active.  We have a range of events through the year in addition to weekly activity and this year we have a fantastic online offer for you to get involved with.

Our online classes take place via Zoom for you to enjoy and all information is on our timetables for you to login from anywhere and get involved.

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