A wide and varied range of accessible, inclusive sport and activity for everyone. 


With our #ActiveAnywhere campaign students, staff and the University’s wider community can become, and remain active regardless of where they are.

If you are on campus take a walk around our great green spaces, head to one of our facilities for a workout, go to the wellbeing rooms as access our wellbeing activities, or join one of our Sporticipate sessions. 

#ActiveAnywhere Campus Run Details

Running on Campus #ActiveAnywhere

If you want to stay active on campus and are looking for routes in and around campus then these three routes will help you get started.

The Student Society Run Wild have worked with UoM Sport to select three routes based around the three key campus areas to help you go on tried and tested routes close to your residence. Click here to see the details of the three routes

Guidelines for Runners 
This document outlines the responsibilities of you as individual runners and in small groups not supervised by run leaders. These are general guidelines and safety tips, please make sure you take note of these tips when running alone or in small groups.
When running alone, or in small groups with no run leader, please be aware of the following:

Comply with current social distancing guidelines/laws at all times.
Avoid running for 14 days if you come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19
Avoid running if you, or anyone you live with is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
Make the people you have run with aware if you test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of taking part in a small group run
Avoid spitting or clearing your nose during the run
Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after all runs
Consult a medical professional for advice before embarking on runs if you fall into vulnerable or shielding categories
Wear a face covering/mask if you are able to without it affecting your running
Ensure you have let friends, or housemates know that you have gone on a run if you are going alone
A warm up if advised before you go on any runs, especially as the weather gets colder
Carry asthma inhalers or other medication if you are likely to need them
Ensure you are well-hydrated and have eaten recently before the run to avoid headaches/illness
Ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing for the run, accounting for the weather conditions
Be aware of surroundings and changes in environment on any route you go on. As daylight hours change don’t put yourself at risk, avoid isolated, dark areas and stick to well lit, populated areas
Use your own judgement at road crossings and traffic lights, and adhere to the highway code at all times

Walking Routes in Manchester

GM Walking offer many helpful tips for getting out and about in Manchester. They have a selection of route suggestions all over the Greater Manchester area and helpful suggestions on how you can do more walking. 

Find out more here.

Sporticipate Timetable and More Information

Sporticipate is the beginner-level sport and physical activity programme for all staff and students at The University of Manchester. All sessions, programmes and events are aimed at complete beginners so it doesn’t matter if you have played a sport before or not. All equipment will be provided, all you need is yourself, your registration ticket and comfortable clothing.

  • Our timetable is updated each semester. 
  • ALL our activities are managed and run through the Playwaze app/website. Search for and join the ‘University of Manchester Sport’ from their we have lots of communities to join including Sporticipate. Click here to join our Sporticipate community. You can register and take part in the range of activities on offer quickly and easily for free.  
Staff Sport

As part of the sport department’s commitment to staff wellbeing, we run a timetable of fitness classes throughout the year to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Typically our classes run during your lunch hour or after work to fit around you.

  • Our Sporticipate and Be Active classes are open to all staff. 
  • We also provide specific staff only sessions and activities which are scheduled throughout the year.
  • For more information and to see what else is available for staff please visit the Staff Sport Website or email staff.sport@manchester.ac.uk  



The PurpleWave brings together thousands of University students staff and alumni through our mass participation running, walking or jogging events! 

Download the UoM Sport app

Download the UoM Sport app and have instant access to all programmes and activities. 

Sport and Activities

See the sport and activities we have available at the Armitage Centre and more widely across UoM Sport.

Purple Wave 

The Purple Wave is UoM Sports mass participation event, bringing together the UOM community to run, walk or jog as part of the Manchester 10k event. To view all purple wave information click here 

Running and Walking 

There are plenty of opportunities to access running and walking groups and routes. Visit our Running and Walking page to find out more. 

Other activities

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