A wide and varied range of accessible, inclusive sport and activity for everyone. 


Our recreational sport offer is entitled Sporticipate, and is the entry level programme for all students and staff at The University of Manchester.

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All sessions, programmes and events are open to all abilities, specifically people who are new to the activity or complete beginners. All sessions provide equipment and the sessions are facilitated by the UoM Sport Workforce.

Sportcipate runs a full weekly drop in timetable, structured blocks of ‘Learn To’ coached sessions and regular large scale events. All are either free or at very low cost, which helps you stay fit and active during your time on campus. 

With our #ActiveAnywhere campaign students, staff and the University’s wider community can become, and remain active regardless of where they are.

ALL our activities are managed and run through the Playwaze app/website. Please use this helpful video to see how to register.

Search for and join the ‘University of Manchester Sport’ from their we have lots of communities to join including Sporticipate.

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Sporticipate 5-a-side Kick Around Summer Offer
Sporticipate and the Armitage Sports Centre is helping to keep you active and playing social sport over summer!Sporticipate is offering a discounted 5-a-side offer over summer. If you and your friends are on campus over summer and are looking to have a casual kick around then please take advantage of this great offer. We have made provision to access the 5 a-side pitches on Monday to Friday 9:00-22:00 for a cost of just £2 per head per hour.How it worksAll participants need to have a free UoM student membership at Armitage to play at the £2 rate. This can be done by coming to reception to quickly set up a membership if you don’t already have one (please bring your student ID). Each hour block can be booked by one main person on Playwaze, this secures the full pitch for an hour. Evidence of your booking on Playwaze needs to be presented at reception to access the pitch. All participants need to come and pay the £2 fee upon arrival at Armitage reception.The pitches are suited to 5-a-side (6-a-side at a push) so we advise that your group does not exceed 10-12. However, if there are more than 10 participants then there is potential to open up another pitch. This will be dependent on facility availability, during off peak hours there is usually lots of free space on the 5-a-side pitches.Playwaze is a free app is used to manage all our participation programmes. Full details on how to download and start using the app to search for participation activity can be found here.No equipment is provided by the Armitage Centre and must be provided by the participants.
Drop in sessions (restarting from September 2022)
  • Free weekly timetable running each semester. 
  • Find all our sessions here 
  • Over 70 hours of free accessible activity delivered on campus.
  • Meet new people and find exciting new ways to socialise through sport and activity.
  • No commitment! Just turn up and give it a go, try as many activities as you like.
  • Variety of sports and activities ranging from Team Sports, Individual Sports, Dance, Martial arts, Fitness and more!
  • Clear pathway of development if you find the sport you love!
  • To take part you must download the Plawaze app (available via Android/App store). Once downloaded you can join the 'University of Manchester' then search for Sporticipate and all our intramural Sports Leagues!
  • Join the Sporticipate community here once you have the Playwaze app.
Staff Sport
  • Sporticipate is open to all staff. 
  • Specific staff only sessions and activities are also scheduled throughout the year.
  • For more information and to see what else is available for staff please visit the Staff Sport Website or email  

Volunteer with Sporticipate

We require dedicated and passionate individuals to take on leadership roles as part of our successful and ever growing participation programme Sporticipate This role requires you to be in charge of recruitment and marketing of the participation sessions as well as to run them. You will be offered funding towards qualifications and training to increase your skills and knowledge. This role is suited to individuals with a passion to lead or to a couple or group each with different skills – so you can do it with a friend, colleague or team mate. Becoming a Sport Leader will be one of the ways in your university career to increase your employability skills. By leading in this way, you will be learning and developing transferable skills which will be of great use to you once you graduate from university. We even offer free workshops on what this means and how to portray what you have done to future employers. If you would like this as your new challenge please tell us in no more than 500 words 'Why do you want to be Sport Leader and what do you feel you could offer.' This role is open to students and staff of the University of Manchester. Undergraduate students taking on this role can use their volunteering towards the Step up and Lead section of the Stellify Award. Questions and applications should be sent to email :

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