UoM Sport Scholar: Nia Martin - Lacrosse

Spotlight: Nia Martin

Nia Martin’s story is a testament to passion, determination, and an unrelenting pursuit of success, a guide for aspiring athletes seeking to pursue their careers in sport.

Nia Martin’s achievements encompass a remarkable journey in lacrosse, beginning with her debut for the U19 Wales B team at the Home Internationals in 2019. Despite the setback of the 2020 competition cancellation due to COVID-19, she joined the Wales Senior team for the Home Internationals Sixes tournament in August 2021. Continuing her rise to success, Martin showcased her skills for the U21 Wales A team in April 2022 and 2023 at the Home Internationals before culminating her international campaign with a commendable 4th-place finish at the European Championship in July 2023 as part of the U21 Wales team.

Early passion for lacrosse

Nia Martin’s introduction to lacrosse was an unexpected yet defining moment. Enrolled in pop lacrosse classes before secondary school, her interest in the sport burgeoned. Raised in a household abuzz with sports, particularly fuelled by watching others manoeuvering the game with incredible skill, Martin found her calling in lacrosse. The pivotal role of her first coach, Paddy Storrie, cannot be overstated. Storrie’s coaching style, emphasising camaraderie, fun, and inclusivity, not only ignited her love for the sport but also nurtured enduring values that would shape her career.

Triumphs and trials

Martin’s journey has been a series of triumphs and challenges. Representing Wales in several tournaments, including an impressive fourth-place finish at the European Championship with the U21 team, stands as a proof of her dedication and skill. However, balancing the demands of a high-level sport with university life posed its own challenges. Coupled with a persistent knee injury sidelining her during critical junctures, her journey has been a test of solid determination. Yet, sustained by an unbreakable support system of friends and family, Martin perseveres, driven by a relentless determination to overcome every obstacle.


Amidst her demanding training schedule, Martin finds time to enjoy simple pleasures off the field. Spending quality time with friends, baking, immersing herself in music, and enjoying long walks provide a much-needed respite from the intensity of competitive sports. When confronted with setbacks, her support network and an unshakably positive outlook help her navigate the challenges, steadfast in the belief that setbacks are temporary and don’t define her journey.

Martin says:

‘In order to balance your athletic commitments with your personal life and other commitments, you have to realise that playing for your country and the standard you play your sport at is a privilege and not a right and therefore comes with sacrifice. I’m extremely fortunate that I have such a supportive family who do whatever they can to make my commitment to lacrosse as easy and stress-free as they can, and I have never not felt supported by them. Furthermore, I’m very lucky to be surrounded by friends who understand and respect the commitment I have to Wales lacrosse and don’t put pressure on me when I can’t make things due to training commitments etc. I think the big thing for me is trying to plan things to make sure you have time for everything and that there is balance in your life, and remembering to reach out for support when things can get a bit too much sometimes.’

Aspirations and guidance

Martin’s ambitions are high. Her goal is to continue representing Wales and ultimately take the Great Britain jersey in the Sixes Olympics. Her advice to aspiring athletes echoes her journey: dedication, persistence, and commitment are the key pillars of success. Martin emphasises that while talent is valuable, it’s enduring effort and resilience that ultimately define an athlete’s journey towards their goal.

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