Support Services

Providing the best support services to make you a better athlete.


We want you to be the best possible athlete when attending the University of Manchester.  To do this we not only offer scholarships but also engage athletes in a range of support services to enable each individual to reach their potential.

A number of our services are open to our scholars and performance teams in addition to some services offered as part of our one to one support of the university community.

Strength and Conditioning

Our experienced Strength and Conditioning coaches are driven to support athletes to achieve their physical potential. Strength and Conditioning coaches work alongside sport coaches and other practitioners across sport science and medicine to provide integrated support, centred on athlete performance. Our Strength and Conditioning team work with each athlete to understand their physical development needs to ensure they are physically prepared to meet the demands of their sport.  

Our Strength and Conditioning service is offered to scholarship athletes and performance team sports and is based in the Power Room at the Sugden Sports Centre and the Armitage Sport Centre. 

The University of Manchester has proudly been a TASS delivery site since the programme began in 2004. Our Strength and Conditioning coaches have worked with a wide variety of athletes and sports to help them develop towards their sporting ambitions and goals.


Physiotherapy supports athletes both by injury prevention and rehabilitation support. Our dedicated physiotherapy team provide support to our scholarship athletes, TASS and performance sport teams. Our physiotherapy team work closely with the Strength and Conditioning coaches and multi-disciplinary team to provide a seamless pathway of support from injury occurrence to your return to playing.

Our physiotherapy team work alongside coaches to understand the sporting demands for each athlete and support athletes through a proactive service to reduce the risk of injuries. 

Performance Lifestyle

To excel in your sport and your studies, it is vital for a student-athlete to balance the demands in both areas of their lives. Our team of lifestyle advisors support both personal and academic development for our scholarship athletes, supporting and empowering them to develop skills to achieve in their sport, studies and in their lives ahead.

Operating as a one-to-one service, performance lifestyle advisors help our athletes to understand their goals – whether academic, sporting or personal – and support them to plan towards their successful achievement. 

Nutrition and Psychology


Our nutrition support empowers athletes to make good choices to fuel their sports performance and provides life long skills to take ownership of their nutrition. Nutrition support comes in a range of formats, from one-to-one meetings to group-based kitchen practicals. Our exceptional nutritionist has specific experience working with student-athletes and the challenges they face to fuel well, often on a budget. 


Mental performance in sport and wellbeing is a highly valued service in our sport scholarships and TASS programmes. Our psychology practitioners can support our athletes to prepare for the demands of their sport and to overcome barriers to their performance and mental wellbeing. 


Both our nutrition and psychology practitioners are part of our multi-disciplinary team, providing holistic and integrated support to our athletes to help them to excel in their sport and their studies

Performance Sport at Manchester

We offer an extensive range of sports through our Sports Clubs and have specific sports that are focussed towards performing at the highest level.  As a city of sport, we also have links with some of the best partners in the country to ensure that we can support athletes achieve their goals both on the pitch and off it.

The partners we work with aren’t just a list of external organisations but a a core group of like minded people that want to support our students excel.  Our work together has shown students progress to perform at the very highest level on the national and international stage and we would love to see how we can support new students achieve their potential.

We are also a TASS hub supporting some of the best young athletes in Manchester.