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Spotlight: Tom Hunter

In the world of athletics, the story of Tom Hunter represents dedication, commitment, and an unrelenting passion for running. Hunter’s evolution into a rising star in track and field reflects his passion for the sport that defines his journey.

Early Life

Growing up, he describes his childhood as being filled with activities, with a deep affection for many sports. His introduction to organised sports began with football and rugby, but it was his inclusion in the school’s cross-country team in year 3 that sparked a profound interest in running. This early engagement laid the groundwork for a lifelong devotion to the sport. He became a district champion in multiple events, which kept his interest in the sport. This is something that came easily to Hunter.

Hunter’s passion was greatly influenced by a family legacy entrenched in sports. Drawing inspiration from his mother’s history in cross-country and his father’s stint in rugby, he had aspirations from a young age.

Change of Direction

As with many athletes, his athletic journey was overcome with challenges, particularly during secondary school, where injuries and unmet athletic aspirations loomed large. Contemplating abandoning the running track, during his first year at University marked a pivotal juncture in his path.

It was a transformative phase. Following reflection and discussions with mentors and family, Hunter chose to reignite his passion for athletics, redirecting his focus to a different event and announcing a turnaround in his sporting trajectory.

Hunter’s revival revolves around track sessions and gym workouts designed to boost his running. His pursuit of peak performance extended beyond training, encompassing clean dietary choices and good sleep patterns, which have led to the success of his preparation during crucial competition periods, accompanied by relaxation techniques before events.


A notable achievement unfolded at the BUCS indoor championships as Hunter claimed a commendable 6th place, reinforcing his confidence in his abilities and validating the principle that persistent dedication results in satisfying outcomes.

Hunter explains how he achieves results:

‘My training routine shifts with the seasons, but generally, I hit the track three times a week and head to the gym twice. Monday starts with a gym session led by the university coaches, focusing on stretching and mobility. Tuesdays kick off my track sessions, usually longer and at an easy pace. Midweek, I’m back in the gym. Thursday mornings are physio time, followed by an evening sprint session. On Fridays, I take it easy with a steady run for recovery. Sundays wrap up the week with hill training in winter or speed and technique work in the summer.’

Tom’s story isn’t merely a catalogue of achievements but a testament to dedication, adaptability, and a relentless drive for his passion for running.

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