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Spotlight: Stephanie Driscoll

Stephanie Driscoll, a rising force in track and field, has carved an impressive path in the world of athletics, boasting titles such as the 2023 U23 National 800m Champion, a finalist in the 2023 British Championships 800m, and the 2022 Senior England 800m Champion with a U23 silver medal. 

Athletic passion  

Growing up amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Lake District, Steph Driscoll’s passion for sports ignited at a young age. Enthusiastic about diverse sports, she eagerly joined school teams and a local running club, laying the foundation for a promising athletic journey. 

The London 2012 Olympics served as a pivotal moment for Driscoll. Witnessing the determination and triumphs of athletes like Jessica Ennis-Hill sparked a dream within her—an aspiration to stand tall among international competitors.

Driscoll’s notable achievement at the 2023 British Outdoor Senior Championships holds a special place for her. Competing in a highly competitive field comprising numerous Olympians and international medalists was a challenging yet rewarding experience. Surpassing expectations, including her own, she secured a spot in the final—an unexpected accomplishment. Achieving her personal best time, as well as moments of immense pride and accomplishment. 

Balancing studies 

Mastering the delicate balance between academic work and athletics, Driscoll orchestrates her days meticulously. Navigating university seminars, rigorous training sessions, coursework, and part-time commitments takes some skill. She emphasises the importance of balancing work with socialising and catching up with friends in a quirky cafe in Manchester.


Injuries have been transformative moments for Driscoll. She says: 

‘It’s crucial to acknowledge and accept your initial feelings of frustration or upset when facing setbacks. However, it’s equally important to shift your perspective afterwards. Redirect your focus towards every possible avenue for progression. Breaking down your recovery into smaller, achievable goals helps compartmentalize setbacks and injuries, fostering a more positive outlook. Rather than solely considering the larger picture, concentrate on the daily progress made during rehabilitation. Each small achievement is a step toward your goals, building momentum and eventually revealing the broader perspective you seek.’ 

Looking ahead 

Driscoll’s ambitions include becoming a senior athlete on the global stage, aiming to compete in prestigious events like the Olympics, Europeans, and World Championships. Additionally, she anticipates her passion for sport to endure throughout her life, inspiring others to recognise the value and joy found in active participation in sports. 

She would also like to become more involved with inspiring and helping women engage with sports as there is a major drop in women’s participation in sports from secondary school into adulthood. Sport has enabled her to find enjoyment and purpose in my daily life, and helping to share the positive effects of sport would be rewarding for her. 

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