Sports Scholar Spotlight: Cholan Kayan - Badminton

Spotlight: Cholan Kayan 

The University of Manchester badminton scene boasts a rising star in Cholan Kayan, a name synonymous with brilliance both on the court and in the academic realm. From Sale, Manchester, Kayan embodies the epitome of a student-athlete, juggling his studies in Anatomical Science with a remarkable badminton career that has seen him shine both nationally and internationally. 

Rise in Badminton History

At just 20 years old, Kayan has etched his name in the archives of badminton history, notching an impressive 215th position in the BWF World Ranking Men’s Singles. His accomplishments have secured his position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of badminton.

Kayan shone this year in the BUCS Nationals, where he clinched the coveted 1st Place and Gold Medal in the Men’s Singles category. The tournament witnessed his expertise as he sailed through to victory, triumphing in two straight sets against his formidable opponent, Samuel Ricketts from the University of Warwick. With such victories, Kayan radiates enthusiasm, expressing his love for the electric atmosphere and the support of the roaring crowd. 

Representing England

Kayan’s impact in British badminton goes beyond local wins. He played a pivotal role in England’s qualification for the 2023 European championships, winning all three matches in the men’s team championship qualifiers. He also represented England at the world championships in China, reaching the Welsh International challenge finals with a 7-win record out of 8 matches, showcasing his growing influence in the sport. 

Balancing Academia and Sport

Amidst the whirlwind of competition and accolades, Kayan remains grounded, driven by a relentless pursuit of his aspirations. For Kayan, it’s not merely about personal glory but about paving the way for England to shine on the global badminton stage consistently.

Balancing the demands of academia and elite-level sport is no mean feat, yet Kayan approaches this challenge with true determination. His tireless quest for perfection characterises his athletic abilities and serves as inspiration for aspiring athletes and scholars alike. 

As Kayan continues his remarkable journey in badminton, he remains a shining beacon of talent and dedication—a testament to the indomitable spirit of a true student-athlete. 

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