Sports Scholar Spotlight: Eva Wood - Rugby

Spotlight: Eva Wood

Eva Wood, rooted in Worcester, grew up amid the energetic company of two younger brothers – one a football enthusiast and the other deeply involved in rugby. Her formative years were steeped in competitive spirit with her early athleticism manifested in swimming, running, and netball. However, it was at the age of 15 when the allure of rugby captured her heart, a commitment she has ardently upheld ever since.

Delving into team sports resonated deeply, steering her towards a path of success. Moreover, the familial bond woven around rugby, with her father actively engaged in the sport for their hometown club, cultivated a shared love and cemented Eva’s dedication to the game.

For Eva, the journey was less about pivotal moments and more a continuous, ingrained involvement in sports, deeply entrenched from an early age. The inclination towards sports was a natural progression given her family’s rich sporting background. Her stint with England U18 7s opened transformative doors at University, paving the way for a career-defining contract with Sale Sharks Women. This opportunity not only honed Eva’s skills but also solidified her dedication to the world of rugby.

Confronting Adversity

Presently rehabilitating from a foot injury that underwent surgical intervention, Eva structures training around the recovery process. Her daily routine involves physiotherapy sessions, skill development, some contact work, gym sessions, team meetings, and post-meeting conditioning. To ensure her commitment to return stronger post-injury.

The significant challenge of grappling with injury surfaced in January 2023, initially presenting in mild forms, allowing Eva to continue training, and playing. However, the persistence of issues culminated in a diagnosis of a navicular stress fracture requiring surgical repair in August 2023. Enduring this setback, Eva found strong support from Sale Sharks, the university, and England U20s, motivating her relentless pursuit of recovery and personal improvement.

Maintaining equilibrium between athletic commitments, studies, and personal life is paramount for Eva. Embracing rest from studies and rugby fosters discipline and productivity while adhering to a structured routine that prioritises wellbeing.

Optimal Performance

Ensuring 7-8 hours of sleep, leveraging recovery facilities, and aligning nutrition with daily activity levels supports Eva’s commitment to peak performance. Even amidst injury, mobility and post-training recovery rituals remain central.

Looking ahead, Eva aspires to don the England U20s jersey by season-end, solidifying her presence in the Premiership with Sale Sharks while advancing on the Red Roses Pathway. Yet, her aspirations transcend personal accomplishments.

Creating an Impact

Eva seeks to mentor young female athletes grappling with long-term injuries, offering guidance and inspiration. Additionally, she aims to show the possibility of balancing an athletic career with university studies, inspiring others with her dedication and perseverance.

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