New Fitness Classes – Active Manchester

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Come and join Active Manchester!

Unlimited access to 50+ classes a week at the Wellbeing Studios, Simon Building and The Armitage Sports centre and for 23-24 the gym is also included at the Armitage.

Annual Membership 

  • Staff and students annual pass – £120
  • Public – £180


  • Monthly membership (staff, students and public) – £20

Pay as  you go

  • Depending on if you are a Student, Staff or Public prices vary from £4.00 – £10.00 per class

We have some new editions to our group exercise programme this year!

Bosu Blast

The Bosu means Both Sides Up and is a great piece of equipment that you can use both sides.The Bosu can be used as a balance ball challenging your core or you can use it as a step to work your aerobic system. The session will blast your core from the front, side and back with the Bosu which will make every exercise even more challenging.No experience needed as the teacher will adapt according to level.

Dumbell Sculpt

Dumbell sculpt is a great way to strengthen and tone muscles. The class will focus on strength and conditioning through functional and cardio movements. No experience needed as the teacher will adapt according to level.

Tai Chi with equipment

‘Moving meditation’ using tai chi ball, staff and Indian clubs Rooted in the traditional martial arts of Asia, our approach is meditative, calming and relaxing, aiming to help improve posture and breathing, and to gently build strength and resilience, improve coordination, relieve negative stress and help develop concentration. We begin each class with a focus on sitting with good posture and breathing well to settle the mind, align and relax the body. Next, we stand still to further improve body awareness, followed by a tai chi ‘warm-up’, ahead of varied training drills with tai chi ball, staff and Indian clubs. There is a focus on developing whole body relaxed circularity, strength and power without strain, and harnessing the body’s natural springiness and elasticity to release tension and move effectively with less effort. The class ends with a closing ‘cool-down stretch’ and gentle self-massage. The format is similar each week although the content varies from week to week. 

Interval Pilates 

This session will give you a slightly faster pace than the traditional mat work Pilates. The moves will flow and will be timed with a rest after each move.The great news you can work at your own pace/level giving you time to perfect your moves and get stronger each week.

MCR Circuits

Our high intensity interval multi station training circuit will push you to your limits burning up to 500 -1000 calories within each workout, Alternating muscle focus to help build strength and increase endurance levels along a playlist inspiring for you to sprint faster and lift heavier to be your best! 

Abs & Tone

the ultimate Abs & leg class we Glutes, Quads and hamstrings  Where our dedicated team will enhance your exercise  regime by improving you fitness levels.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This flow focusses on the correct alignment bring all moves to a gentle flow from standing to seated, to lying, the aim is to flow together postures to all the postures, so the moves become seamless from one to another.

Morning  Yoga

Working on our whole Self, with underlying acknowledgment to the Seasons, we will release tension and develop strength through movement, breathing and mindfulness practices. Prepare yourself for the day ahead with Yoga.