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AU Sports Awards Winners 2022

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Our AU Sports Ball and Awards night took place on 5th May 2022 to recognise the contributions and achievements of our students in how they performed and aligned to the values of the university.

It was a great evening of celebrations and congratulations to all who were nominated and won any awards!

Thank you to all those involved in the delivery of sport and activity this year, we couldn’t do it without you!

Check out our winners and all photos from the evening below.


Club of the Year

Club of the Year: Awarded to a Club which has excelled in all areas of operation, including performance, participation and workforce development. They have excelled at club management and contributed to significant development of their sport at Manchester. 

Winner: Tennis

The Tennis club have been hugely successful both on and off the pitch, their men’s and women’s teams have both been hugely successful in BUCS matches and how shown great determination and dedication. Their membership has expanded hugely and the way they have managed their club and engaged with the AU has been impressive. They have improved partnerships with their training venues and raised over £950 for Manchester Children’s Hospital. 

Best Incoming Club of the Year

Best incoming club of the year: Awarded to a Club that has joined UoM Sport this year in 21/22 and has excelled in areas of  operation, including performance, participation and workforce development. They have excelled at club management and contributed to significant development of their sport at Manchester. 

Winner: Quidditch and Motorsports

Quidditch have embraced the move over to UoM Sport and have been a delight to work with. They have grown the club massively over the year and their engagement with LGBTQ+ History Month puts them as a front runner for inclusivity at any club we have. 

Motorsports are another club that have shown huge growth and great engagement. They have had huge successes on the track this year, with their A team coming 3rd against 126 other universities across the country. Their commitment and performance has flourished this year. 

Most Improved Club of the Year

Most Improved Club of the Year: Awarded to a club which has shown extraordinary improvement over the course of twelve months in performance, organisation, financial management and increased membership. 

Winner: Mountaineering-Climbing

The club have seen improvements I their BUCS results this year, as well as exceeding their objectives of membership, running trips, formalising a competitive training offer, and securing coaching. In addition to their incredible fundraising efforts that we saw earlier, their social media and administration has also improved massively, which has also been noticed by staff. This has resulted in a more nurtured club. 

Coach of the Year

Coach of the Year: Awarded to the coach who has had a positive impact on the results, training sessions, motivation or membership of the team(s) for which he or she is responsible. 

Winner: Daniel Crofton

Daniel has taken the novice rowers through a really successful year, and achieved more than they have set out to. He has stood in where the club have needed him, and created a good atmosphere across the club novice members. Daniel has gone above and beyond to support the club and shown genuine care for the wellbeing of the members.  

Student Coach of the Year

Student Coach of the Year: Awarded to the student coach who has had a positive impact on the results, training sessions, motivation or membership of the team(s) for which he or she is responsible.

Winner: Tomass Tabaks

Tomass has shown huge dedication to the club this year, going above and beyond his role to stand in for the team when they have been without a coach. He has delivered a great experience for his club. 

Sportsperson of the Year

Sportsperson of the Year: Awarded to the most outstanding individual club member from any club over the course of the season, looking at performance and overall contribution to their club and sport. 

Winner: Olivia Henderson

Olivia has been a National league winner for British water polo this season with city of Manchester and was selected for the university world games, as well as being highly commended by her peers as a valuable addition to the team and going above and beyond for the management of her club 


Social Responsibility Award

Social Responsibility Award: Awarded to the club who has invested tremendous amounts of resource into fundraising, charitable events, sustainability initiatives, and other social responsibility aims.

Winner: Mountaineering-Climbing

With their Everest climbing challenge, Mountaineering & Climbing raised £1,217 for Mountain Rescue England and Wales. They collectively climbed the height of Everest (8,848m) at a local indoor climbing wall in under eight hours! The club are also working in conjunction with Reforesting Scotland, to complete a number of mini-expeditions to the highland to report Mountain Birch locations at higher altitudes (> 650m). Congrats to the club who have shown how charity work and sustainability has been at the core of their values this year. 

Team of the Year

Team of the Year: Awarded to a team which has excelled in all areas of operation, including competition, management, engagement, administration and contribution to the Athletic Union. 

Winner: Tennis Women’s 1s

The Tennis W1s have remained undefeated for the whole year, continuing this at their premier league playoff win against Aberdeen yesterday. They reached the National Trophy quarterfinals and are an extremely talented team of individuals, one of our best. 

Club Committee Member of the Year

Club Committee Member of the Year: Awarded to a Club Official who has excelled in leading many aspects of club admin of an Athletic Union Club throughout the 2021/22 season. 

Winners: Madeleine Appelqvist and Fergus Halford

Maddie has been an absolute star this year and we have all been blown away by her. Her dedication and commitment to the club is staggering, here are some of the words of her peers: 

“ Maddie is an absolute club rock. We want her to know that we love and appreciate her for everything she does for MUCC. We know how important this club is to her, and she’s always there to support us. We know how stressful and overwhelming it can be being in a leadership position sometimes, and we thought nominating her for this award would be a way of reminding her how competent, determined, passionate and valued she is as a Captain, and as a friend. More importantly – she can’t awkwardly ignore our compliments this way!” 

 Fergus has achieved what many would never have even attempted. At the end of last year M Lacrosse basically didn’t exist, with no members and no committee members, Fergus single handily regrew the club into what it is today and within a year it is looking better than ever. The fact that Fergus has managed and grown the club on his own is something to be hugely proud of. He recruited a load of new members and ran the club from scratch to keep people engaged. He is so enthusiastic about his sport and without him this club literally would not exist. 

Athlete of the Year

Athlete of the year: Awarded to a student who has produced an outstanding sporting performance or performances over the last year. This student will have brought great pride to our University through their sporting performance. They will be a role model to other members of their sport and the whole University, and their dedication to training and bettering themselves will be second to none.

Winner: Grace Harvey

Harvey is a 10x British record holder, European record holder in the S7 200m individual medley which she broke at BUCS in 2018, European bronze medallist in the S6 100m backstroke.

At her debut Paralympic Games in Tokyo Harvey claimed a silver medal in the SB5 100m breaststroke.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

  • 50m butterfly S6: 11th
  • 100m breaststroke SB5: Silver
  • 100m backstroke S6: 12th
  • 200m individual medley SM6: 6th
  • 400m freestyle S6: 7th


Laksi Cup

Laski Cup: Awarded to Sport Exec member who has gone above and beyond their role in supporting the SSO and UoM Sport.

Winner: Nick Threadgold, Wellbeing Officer

Nick has been a vital addition to the Sport Exec Committee, driving campaigns and initiatives around mental health, creating resources and surveys for clubs to use. He has gone above and beyond in his role by assisting the SSO with many other projects including the collection of student feedback to aid wider strategy work.

Performance Colours
Awarded to athletes for their performance across the past year.
To be eligible to receive half OR full performance colours, an individual club member must have:

– Competed in at least 75% of 1st team games (for team based sports).  
– Entered at least two annual competitions.

Congratulations to the following winners – 

Half Performance

James Meakin (Cycling)

Eva Lockett (Netball)

Grace Hinman (Netball)

Karran Kapur-Walton (Athletics)

Michelle Tang (Squash, Badminton)

Hana Taha (Squash)

Peggy Crawford (Squash)

Emily Powell (Squash)

Annika Lakhani (Squash)

Kathy Rogers (WaterPolo)

Olivia Henderson (WaterPolo)

Nicole Burdett (Archery)

Eleanor Taylor (Fencing)

Full Performance

Cholan Kayan (Badminton)

Megan Evans (Netball)

Olivia Henderson (WaterPolo)

Ty Brockley-Langford (Athletics)

Bronwen Reed (Athletics)

Jamie Ingram (Swimming)

Lois Pearson (Netball)

Grace Harvey (Swimming)

Fergus Warr (Rugby Union)

Ruth Mwandumba (Rifle)

Mohammed Nour (Taekwondo)

Natalie Stevens (Hockey)

Committee Stripes

This is automatically awarded to committee members to recognise a consistently high level of individual commitment. This commitment should be evident in all areas of club operation, including participation, length of service, and dedication to the good management of the club. Committee colours are awarded on three levels and taken from recorded hours on SVS:

  • Single stripe award (50 Hours)
  • Double stripe award (100 Hours)
  • Triple stripe award (200 Hours)

Congratulations to the following winners –

Single stripe

Safia Lambert (Volleyball)

Tom Myers (Basketball)

Yuto Fujii (Basketball)

Kin Leung (Canoe)

Sophie Reid (Tennis)

Jang Belche (Basketball)

Megan Meager (Netball)

Kiriko Ogawa (Volleyball)

Viktoria Halabrinova (Volleyball)

Carlos Arribas Svendsen (Volleyball)

Asshen Acharige (Badminton)

Elli Fischer (Table Tennis)

Xiang Yang Tang (Badminton)

Alex Navarro Alberti (Tennis)

Andrew Liu (Golf)

Isobel Francis (Korfball)

Gerard Cloke Browne (Sailing)

James Meakin (Cycling)

Double Stripe

Kain Steens (Table Tennis)

Frances Austin (Rowing)

Tomass Tabaks (Basketball)

Katherine Johnson (Rowing)

Daniel Blan (Squash)

Philip Rosborough (Basketball)

Siddharth Mahala (Tennis)

Maeve Austin (Canoe)

Robert Horbury (Basketball)

Charlotte Cross (Netball)

Jo Gent (Fencing)

Aleina Alex (Tennis)

Connor Wallis (Trampoline)

Francesca Geraghty (Trampoline, Sailing)

James Crowther (Korfball)

Reem Harandou (Kickboxing)

Eleanor Reynolds (Tennis)

James Molloy (Judo)

Triple Stripe

Matthew Layton (Rowing)

Susana Cardoso (Volleyball)

Miara Pipe (Rowing)

Maddie Appelqvist (Canoe)

Christopher Bowden (Mountaineering)

Nicholas Threadgold (Tennis)

Daniel Heath (Table Tennis)

Fraser Cowie (Sailing)

Mitchel Ford (Karate)

XXI Club

The University of Manchester XXI Club was formed in 1932 and exists to promote sporting excellence at The University of Manchester.

The XXI Club has its origin in elite sport and this is reflected in the current membership. Our members include Olympians, World Champions and World Record Holders and those who have competed for their countries at sports including athletics, football, rugby, hockey, netball, swimming and waterpolo.

Our current President is Mark Palios, owner of Tranmere Rovers Football Club and a former Chief Executive of the Football Association.

We hold a celebration dinner each year in autumn where XXI Club members gather and where new elections are invited to be welcomed to the Club. Amongst our various objectives, we are committed to working with the Athletic Union and UoM Sport to raise funds and provide support for The University of Manchester Sports Excellence programmes. We also encourage our members to continue to participate in sport and to contribute to sport at the University after graduation.

New elections

Each year up to 21 of the highest performing athletes and 21 of the highest performing sports club officials are selected to become members. Those receiving full colours or triple stripe for service are eligible for election to the XXI Club. 

Congratulations to the following individuals elected to the XXI Club in 2022


Alfred Varnik

Miara Pipe

Maddie Appelqvist

Christopher Bowden

Nick Threadgold

Daniel Heath

Mitchel Ford


Cholan Kayan

Megan Evans

Olivia Henderson

Ty Brockley-Langford

Bronwen Reed

Lois Pearson

Ruth Mwandumba 

Mohammed Nour 

Natalie Stevens ​​

Special Election

Pia Secai