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This month, UoM Sport kicked off a campaign dedicated to honouring women and individuals who identify as female in sport. Our aim is to celebrate their accomplishments and dismantle stereotypes surrounding women in sports.

We aspire to showcase authentic narratives of women who engage in sports or physical activities tailored to their preferences. Inspired by Sport England’s This Girl Can initiative, our campaign features women of diverse body types, abilities, and backgrounds, advocating for inclusivity in sports for all.

Our stories

At UoM Sport we are proud of our community, and we love to share the experiences of how they do things. Explore our stories to discover how UoM Sport supports women by making access fairer for everyone.

Women in sport – history

Bliss Ross delves into the compelling narrative of the documentary ‘Copa 71,’ shedding light on a piece of sporting history that has long remained obscured.  

The transformative power of fitness

Fitness instructor, Shelagh Stedman talks about her passion for health, wellbeing and fitness.

Embracing the power of sport

Helen Brewis, Head of Wellbeing at the University talks about her experience of sport and her lifelong commitment.

Breaking barriers and nurturing potential

Vicky Ackerley, Head of Residential and Sport Services at the University, stands at the forefront of the UoM Sport team.

Navigating gender expectations and building community

Undergraduate student, Megan Bassett, a seasoned advocate for gender equality in sports, sheds light on the challenges females face in the sporting arena.


In 2024, UoM Sport will continue its commitment to empowering women, building on the momentum generated since the launch of our groundbreaking campaign in 2015. Over the past nine years, over four million women have participated in the This Girl Can programme, making strides in breaking down barriers and reshaping perceptions surrounding female participation in sports.

Research highlights that many women shy away from physical activity due to concerns about judgment, whether it’s related to their appearance while exercising, feelings of inadequacy, or competing priorities. At UoM Sport, our mission is to inspire and uplift women, nurturing an environment where they feel supported and encouraged to pursue their athletic endeavours.

As part of our celebration this March, we will amplify stories of women in sports. Since our inception, we have been agents of change, challenging the gender activity gap and revolutionising women’s attitudes towards participation, fitness, and exercise.

Your journey

At the University of Manchester, you have the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, ignite your intellectual curiosity, and delve into your love for sports.

With a tailored programme and extensive access to various activities and resources, we strive to offer students an unparalleled experience.

Explore how you can engage with our sports program and tap into resources available in the local community.

Girls' Night In

Our Girls’ Night In events, held both in spring and autumn each year, serve as vibrant celebrations of women in sport and fitness. These events attract a significant turnout, providing students with a platform to come together in a safe, inclusive space while exploring a diverse range of activities.

These events offer many benefits to students beyond just celebrating women in sports. They provide an opportunity for students to connect with their peers in a supportive and welcoming environment. By trying out new activities together, participants can expand their horizons, discover new passions, and build lasting friendships.

Girls’ Night In events promote holistic wellbeing by encouraging physical activity and creating a sense of community among participants. By prioritising their health and wellbeing in a fun and social setting, students can reap the rewards.

Check back soon for our next event.


Clubs and societies

Take a look at the sport that interests you to see what is on offer and how you can get involved in one of our clubs.

Find out more about our women’s clubs here.

Find ways of joining a society that suits you. Find out more from The University of Manchester Students’ Union.

This Girl Can - Sport England

For more information about This Girl Can, visit their website.

Active Manchester

There’s something for everyone in our Active Manchester class timetable. Classes suitable for beginners and getting back to exercise, through to more advanced sessions.

Find out more about our fitness timetable.

Sporticipate X Learn-to

Our sessions, programmes, and events are designed to be inclusive and are open to individuals of all abilities, particularly those who are new to the activity or complete beginners. In response to the success of our Girls’ Night In events, we have launched a series of learn-to sessions specifically tailored to women. These sessions provide a supportive environment for women to explore new activities and acquire new skills. We believe in creating opportunities for everyone to participate and feel empowered, regardless of their starting point.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for announcements about upcoming classes and events!

If you want to try one of the free Sporticipate sessions, you can see the programme and join in.

Running and walking groups

There are a number of ways that you can stay healthy and active. If you would like to get out for a walk or run in your local area, then take a look at the resources below:

Access to women's only sessions

Manchester offers an amazing range of activities across the city and near campus for women and girls.

Find out what’s on offer in Manchester.